sign4littletalkers.pngA new approach to support communication and positive behaviour in two and three year olds
Young children learn best when they are actively engaged and with Sign 4 Little Talkers they are not just hearing and saying new words but doing them as well!

The signed vocabulary for communication will support your children to talk about what happens in their lives and to understand and use words such as who, what, why and where.

The signed vocabulary for feelings will support your children to express the many emotions they experience each day, with words such as happy, sad, frustrated, worried and excited.

The signed vocabulary for behaviour will support practitioners, parents and carers to praise their children's positive behaviour and to promote good manners, sharing and turn taking.

“The progress our children have made is amazing, their vocabulary and confidence has grown. They are able to express how they are feeling and use more complex words to convey their thoughts and ideas. Parents are also engaged and are spending more time reading and talking with their children.”