Singing & Signing in preschools, nurseries and schools

kidssigning.jpgSign2Learn offers hands-on, regular singing and signing classes in nurseries, schools and preschools, aimed at increasing vocabulary, confidence and self esteem.  All children will enjoy and benefit from these classes, but children with English as an additional language, or children with speech and language difficulties have been found to make the most progress in a short space of time.

   “Katja has been coming to us every week for a number of years.  The children and staff love her enthusiasm and her unique way to engage the children.  We have noticed a definite improvement in literacy, even in the 2-3 year olds, as well a s a huge improvement in their vocabulary and confidence, especially in our EAL children”  (Nursery manager, Luton)

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Courses developed in partnership with Luton Borough Council

OSP09.jpgSign 4 Learning is a unique initiative that successfully uses signs taken from British Sign Language to increase targeted vocabulary in hearing children. It was written and trialled in Luton by Early Years and Primary Consultants, together with Sign2Learn.
Why sign?
The action of the sign, coupled with the spoken word is a powerful tool that helps children to remember new vocabulary effectively. Children learn best when they are actively engaged and with Sign 4 Learning they are not just hearing and saying new words, but doing them as well!
Data from Sign 4 Learning shows significant and measurable progress towards the EYFS Early Learning goals during the eight week research periods for Sign 4 Stories, Sign 4 Maths and Sign 4 Feelings and Behaviour.