Complaints Procedure

Should there be a complaint about Sign2Learn, a member of Sign2Learn staff or contractor working on behalf of Sign2Learn, we would first seek to deal with the complaint informally.
Sign2Learn takes all complaints seriously and will respect your confidentiality at all times, only sharing confidential information with others once given permission.

Informal procedure
If you have a complaint:
Discuss this with the person involved
Discuss with the Director of Sign2Learn
If you are unhappy with the response or would like to discuss things further, you can put your complaint in writing and send to the Director and the issue/s will be dealt with formally.

Formal procedure
Your complaint should be put in writing and sent to the Director of Sign2Learn
Sign2Learn will reply within 5 working days to tell you that the complaint has been received
Sign2Learn will then respond formally either in writing within 10 working days of the complaint being made
a copy of the complaint will be kept on file
Sign2Learn will investigate by contacting all individuals involved within 14 working days of the complaint being received and will expect those involved to respond within a further 14 working days
During the complaint, Sign2Learn will ensure that the complainant does not have contact with individuals that are involved in the complaint
Sign2Learn will create a summary of findings from the investigation and inform all involved within 30 days of receiving all responses