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Deaf Awareness training

Hearing Loss affects 10 million people in the UK and is set to rise in the next 20 years to an estimated 14.5 million.
Deafness stops employees communicating and working effectively, and it prevents clients accessing services.
Our training courses uniquely combine communication skills, basic signing skills, finger spelling and an overview of the latest technology.  We ensure that your staff will have skills and knowledge to communicate effectively and also fulfill their legal obligations under the Equality Act.
We work throughout the UK, developing and delivering bespoke training to meet organisations' needs.

Other services:
Signing in Preschools and schools

We offer hands- on, fun and interactive signing sessions with children in educational settings  
In partnership with Luton Borough Council, we have developed a range of Sign- based workshops and teaching materials, aimed at improving vocabulary in mainstream settings.  Our work is unique and has been proved highly successful, taking us as far as Thailand to run seminars for international schools.  
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